UOCA Training Videos

Hi All,

Just an update to our members that I’m working on getting the equipment to video tape our monthly meetings so that those of you that can’t make it or are just too far too away to attend will have a chance to view those trainings on the video log page. So far I have 2 DV camcorders, Firewire hub, vga2usb video converter (to capture the presentations from the projector), wireless lapel and handheld microphones (to get that clean sound and avoid outside interference) , audio interface for the macbook Pro I have to record all this to disk, and the latest, a 128 GB SSD drive, (a fast solid state drive to capture the video and audio signals). It’s taken awhile to gather the required equipment since some of these items are expensive (the Epiphan vga2usb LR capture device usually sells for around $799.00 but I got a great deal on ebay for only $350.00!). Now that I have most of the hardware all I need to get is software called, Wirecast to bring this all together! Hopefully I can start recording in April or May. Have a good one!