Free Detecting Danger Class

This one-day course, taught by Dr. Steve Rhoads, covers the following topics:
Subconscious Communication:
The idea of communication using the power of the subconscious mind is identified and students are instructed as to the strength the mind possesses in sending out mixed signals and overcoming ulterior motives.
Phenomenological Thought Process:
The personal thought processes of police officers are examined in the realm of how they influence the ability to survive attack and meet physical challenges that confront the officer.
Mental Preparation for Danger:
The 3 programmable areas of mental energy that officers can use to prepare themselves to handle critical encounters are defined and explained.
Verbal Communication:
This lesson assists the student in recognizing the verbal indicators of deception and how word tense and usage can be used in the evaluation of individuals' intentions.
Non-Verbal Communication:
As the majority of communication utilized by humans, this important arena is broken into specific non-verbal gestures that suggest emotional responses of anger or violence important to the police officer. The reason humans utilize body language and the Principles and Rules that apply are highlighted.
Proxemics and Danger:
Proxemics and the effective use of space are presented to the student so that an area of safety may be established during field contacts.

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