James Bennett: Noise Control and Pollution Regulation


James Bennett, Environmental Health Specialist with the Division of Environmental HealthOver the years, noise enforcement has been evolving and a patchwork of regulations and ordinances have been adopted throughout this country. But how did it come into existence? More specifically, how did Salt Lake County and other municipal governing bodies come to adopt local restrictions? James will explain how this whole process started and review the Salt Lake County Health Department’s Community Noise Control Pollution Regulation.  Where does it receive its authority, discuss its general restrictions, specific restrictions, motor vehicle requirements, and specific exemptions. More importantly, he will discuss what resources his agency can provide to assist in your cases and even discuss some recent case studies. Noise is impacting the lives of everyone on a daily basis, we can’t escape it! It is time for us all to take a hard look at what we can do to lessen the noise impact to our communities. 

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